My Journey into the SEO Abyss & My Challenge to YOU!

I have been trying to find another service that will really make me stand out and the other day while my boyfriend and I were driving to the gym, he said, "Babe, you should look into all the SEO stuff, people could really use that now a days for their business."  I never thought about including this in my services menu because I thought only techies and digital marketing folks know how to do this, aka I would need to hire help, which isn't in the cards for me at the moment.  But after finding a countless YouTube videos and books, I decided I'm going to give it a try.  #AlwaysAStudent

First, I am going to learn how to practice SEO (search engine optimization) on my business website and blog.  Learn the ins and outs of what really gets your URL to the top of Google's search list.  My tasks include:

-Finding what key words are best and won't be too competitive with my bigger, larger budget, counterparts.  

- Do some market research and see what type of URLs, keywords and headings my competitors have on their searches

- Watch more YouTube videos on the best SEO tactics and take notes to use for my website 

So, what is the challenge you ask?  Whether you have an SEO person on your team or not, I want you to make a list of top keywords and phrases that will help people find your business easier. For example, for my keywords, it would be: social media, social media marketing, social media for business, social media consultant, public relations and the like.  Once you have a list of at least 8 keywords and phrases, try to incorporate them into your website text.  This will help you gain more traction and up your ranking on Google. You can also use SEO programs like :  SemRush, SpyFU, KW Finder and MOZ.  

Feel free to watch this short video on SEO for Beginners! Let me know if you come across any better videos and post the link in the comments below! 

- The Blonde Boss xo