#WCW or #Socialmediapowerhouse #crush #wednesday!


Have you heard of Kayla Itsines?  The fitness and social media guru who offers affordable fitness plans to women all over the world.  Named the Most Influential Fitness Entrepreneur, I sincerely look up to this woman.  

Being obsessed with fitness and female empowerment, I would definitely recommend her program to anyone. (Tried it in 2016 and it kicked my butt!)   Not only is she getting the word out there about her program and the changes her participants endure; her following and social media strategy is effortless and intriguing.  And of course, I love women who support and lift up other women; its definitely something you don’t see as much now-a-days unfortunately.  

Powered by user-generated content and a plethora of motivational quotes and pictures, Ms. Itsines is a must follow for 2017.  

Who would you say is your social media inspo for #WCW? 


-Blonde Boss xo