My Advice; Not Taking Advice On Social Media Marketing

I have been told in several jobs and by several peers about how to “successfully” execute your social media plan but I have come to realize that it is conditional.  Conditional to target audience, specific platforms, dates/times, type of content and even competition.  

Now, I am not saying that you should ignore all advice, industry experts and individuals who study the science of social media may give you some great insight. I just believe you should try to focus on your own channels and form your own ideas and opinions on how to market properly. 

For example:  I used to work for a small company in South Florida and their main focus was promoting their products in interest groups on social media and on other forums.  They told me the best way to promote our products was to make a fake profile, get added to these groups and begin a conversation about the brand to create buzz and drive traffic to the website and social media pages.  Now, I am an ethical marketer, not someone who likes to deceive people to gain sales so automatically I wasn’t a huge fan of this method. The people in the groups I was involved in online hated the fact that I was promoting this brand and suspected I was a fraud.  I even received nasty messages from the organizer of the group.  

So what did I learn today boys and girls?  Now-a-days people can see right through the counterfeit. Be yourself and be honest because THAT, my friends is what gets sales and exposure.  Customers want to feel like you are on their side and are trying to make their lives better, not the other way around.  

Listen to your gut feeling. Study your craft and the people who you are trying to reach.  And lastly, be genuine.  I promise you, this will get you so much further than just taking some BS advice about how you should market YOUR business. 


-The Blonde Boss :) xo