Giving Blogging A Go!

Giving Blogging A Go!

My name is Hannah and I am the CEO/President of Blonde Boss Media, located in Manchester, NH.  

I have worked in several PR, marketing and social media manager positions in South Florida. So ultimately: pitching, writing, media coverage, PR plans, social media posting, event development, designing marketing materials, etc. etc. The craziest thing is, with all my different jobs over the years, blogging has never been a main focus. Some may say its time consuming, a waste of time, online jibber-jabber but in all realness, its a major marketing player in your business. 

New and seasoned businesses alike have several active social media pages to post updates, photos/videos of products and services and more but they lack the audience and influencers that are the industry bloggers! Take beauty bloggers for instance; I used to work for a makeup company in SoFlo and we focused in on professional makeup artists and beauty influencers in the area to bring traffic to the store.  We would ask them to write posts on our store opening/events/holiday parties and being the only Pro Makeup store in Broward County, they usually would say yes! 

Beauty bloggers, all bloggers really,are looking for quality stuff to write about and if you can provide them with some awesome content in their focused field they will be happy to work with you and you will gain exposure to their audience.  

Overall, blogging is important and necessary for small and large businesses. Even if its a once a week thing or once every two weeks, it’s something! Plan out your content schedule, make it compelling and promote the heck out of it. 

And that is what I am about to do with this blog! Tell me what you want to see on here. I am always looking for feedback! 



-The Blonde Boss xo