5 Affordable Tools Every Social Media Professional Should Have!

Looking to get into social media on a professional level but have no idea what tools are needed?  In today’s blog post I will highlight my top 5 favorite apps/tools/gadgets I use to successfully execute my social media postings. 

1)  Hootsuite - My savior, my go-to ! This social media scheduling program is great for busy entrepreneurs who do not have time to sit at a computer all day and put together posts. All you do is plug in your posts for the week, set the times, pick the pages you want the content to post to and PRESTO! I like to take time on a Sunday evening to just plan out my posts for the week for Blonde Boss and my clients, it makes things so much more efficient and easy! 


2) Regram -  User generated content is always a great way to interact with your followers and keep your content visually appealing when you do not have a lot to post.  You can download it to your phone and hook it up to your Instagram pages so whenever you see a really cool post, you can regram it to your page! Just make sure to give the source credit! Easy and quick! 


3) Hashtagify - Hashtags are everything on social media. They link to certain niche audiences and topics that can create great connections.   Hashtagify allows you to type in your hashtags to see their success rate as well as other hashtags that are in relation.  You want to make sure you are using the most efficient tags for your posts to create the most buzz and Hashtagify will help you do just that! 


4) Cell Phone Tripod - Get the best photos for your pages by utilizing a cell phone tripod (ideally with a great lighting aid).  I bought mine from @socialitelighting . They are amazing!  Position this baby wherever you need it, turn on the light for best lighting and click the mini remote to take an awesome photo or video! Mine was only $55.00! 


5) Canva -  Have a certain event or deal going on for your company but don’t have the time or $$ to hire a graphic designer to make a flyer up?  Canva is a free service that is easy to work with.  I make all my grand opening flyers and blog post flyers on Canva and I really enjoy it!  It allows my creative juices to flow. 


I am all about community and bringing professionals together as opposed to constantly competing,  I want to share my experiences and tips with everyone so they can also be successful!  We can share the wealth!  What are your favorite tools for social media?! 


-The Blonde Boss xo