What I Learned From My Job Hunting In The City

Job boards, recruiters, endless interviews, OH MY!


Editing cover letters and filling out online applications can be a scary thought and not to mention pretty stressful. We have all been there, amirite? You have this ideal job and salary in mind, you prep your resume to show off all your experience and you study up on the companies you’re interested in but alas, you don’t get the call back.


So, besides the fact that job hunting can be a huge pain in the arse, I have taken away a few big things during the process that, I feel, can translate to anyone during their job search regardless if you’re entry level or expert.



“I feel attacked…” Listen bb, it’s nothing personal, but to employers, you’re just another face-less resume in their big pile. Remember, you’re not the only person in your area looking for a job so get in line, bucko. I know, harsh criticism but my tip to you, find ways that make you stand out. Update your portfolio, add links and clippings to your cover letter, create a video introduction, dress uniquely (but not too crazy, head to my biz fashion Pinterest board for inspo) when going to interviews and always, always, ALWAYS know your sh** about the company and the position!


I spoke with a recruiter recently, and as I was describing myself and my work to him, I said I was a jack of many trades. He stopped me and said that employers are looking for applicants who specialize in certain skills and aren’t just generally great at everything. At first, this frustrated me because I take pride in my experience with various trades but then I realized, I know I am better at some things over others. Double down on the skills you KNOW that you can use to absolutely KILL IT at your new job, whether it be administrative duties, paid social media advertising or SEO - focus in and highlight your top skills, don’t be general.


I may sound like a broken record but SERIOUSLY, don’t give up. You’re going to run into a lot of let-downs but you CANNOT let that discourage you because everything happens for a reason. You may not of been hired at your ideal job but another job is most likely waiting for you to fall in love with it at any moment! Like my mom always says, (shout out to my badass mom and spa owner of Ooh Laa Spa) “Keep plugging away and put what you want out into the universe!”



Self explanatory. You wouldn’t send the same resume to a restaurant employer that you sent to a doctors office. You wouldn’t send a cover letter that says, “I have experience with mixing cocktails and handling payments,” to a marketing job. Adjust your documents every time you send them out and make sure you put the company’s name in your cover letter to make it more personal. Employers look at hundreds of resumes/cover letters and when they see that you didn’t personalize it to them, have spelling errors, wrong information, etc. your resume goes in the trash. DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING!


Don’t go all Elle Woods and send in a bikini-clad introduction video but look for ways to make your work stand out. Find new, innovative ways to describe your skills - instead of “I am great at writing blogs,” say, “I have a passion for creating content for my company blog and marketing materials.” Read this article on power adjectives for your resume! This makes reading your documents more exciting and less of a BASIC snooze-fest.


I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it but I will leave you on this positive note:

You are capable of big things, bigger than you think. Remain positive, keep learning and never take no for an answer because you deserve the great things in life. We all do.

-The Blonde Boss xo

Facebook's New Anti-Bullying Tools - Small Steps Towards Big Change!

“Facebook is going to be testing ways to easily block offensive words from appearing in comments.” -Forbes

In honor or #WorldMentalHealthDay that occurred yesterday, IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME.


Forbes goes on to say that other people can report nasty comments and bullying when you are too scared to report them yourself. (I’m definitely not scared to report, take that bullies!) Certain words will be blocked and content will be able to be reviewed before showing on your pages.

Small steps towards a big change!

I have witnessed online bullying on a personal and business level - both really boil my blood. It’s just a way for insecure people to feel somewhat better about themselves by leaving horrible comments on people’s pages. As, a social media manager, I am always monitoring comments and reviews for my clients. It amazes me how ONE bad comment can ruin a company’s reputation and dull their credibility. So, I am very excited about these new Facebook tools to help deter negativity and stop the haters!


Here is my two cents on top of my other two cents (and something I recently learned):

1) Unfollow people who don’t POSITIVITY serve you

2) Don’t be a hater, find out why you feel the way you do and look at yourself before leaving mean comments

3) Use social media as a support system/community and spread positivity

4) Don’t take negative comments to heart, remember that those people might be having their own issues that they need to work out

5) Use the new Facebook Anti-Bullying Tools to monitor the content being posted on your business pages - it might save your butt one day!


This blog inspired me to review more upcoming social media updates because, there are A LOT of them I am trying to catch up with!

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on the new FB update!

-The Blonde Boss xo

Post-Roadtrip Reflection

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who tuned into my Instagram stories to see my travels and put up with my less-posting! You guys are the real MVPs.


This cross-country trip has really opened my eyes to not only the world around me but the opportunities that are at our fingertips. It taught me to stop and appreciate things for what they are, to adapt and to push all my fears out the door.

My top favorite places along our trip were: Denver, CO (The city and Rockies game) and South Bend, IN (mainly because of the hotel we stayed at).

I loved seeing the colorful hills and mountains as well as driving through the curvy valleys. It was also interesting to see the different temperature changes as we traveled through.


My thoughts on my new home (now that I am officially here): I love the people, the beaches and THE FOOD! I have so much more drive and energy since I have moved to SD and I am so excited to explore it some more! I am still currently looking for a full-time position, making BBM a side gig for some additional cash$$ flow! I can’t wait to share this Cali adventure with you all! Don’t forget to message me if you’re ever in town!


Overall, Don’t ever let your hometown or anyone keep you from your dreams because once you take that leap, you can do anything!



Side note: This time change is really messing me up and my internet hasn’t officially been set up yet due to my new apartment not offering the best connection so please bare with me until I get my sh** together!

Thank you for your support bbs!

-The Blonde Boss xo