6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting A Business

With a growing population of entrepreneurs and small business owners, you have to find a way to stand out!  Sick of your 9-5 job and ready to be your own boss?  Have an idea but not sure where to start?  Been there, done that.  Being a business owner is NOT for the faint hearted by any means but if you possess the passion and drive, you can make anything happen1


So, with your passion and ideas in alignment... I have put together 5 questions that, I believe, you need to ask yourself before beginning your journey!  They aren't technical or something you need an intense research sesh for.... they're just there to make you think!

Get your thinking cap on!

1) Do you have a business plan?

2)  Can your idea be monetized?

3) Do you have a mentor in the industry?

4) Have you done your research?

5) Will you have a team or will you work alone? 

6) How will you market you idea?


Take these questions, put them on paper, write our your answers.  If any of the answers are 'no' then take another sheet of paper and start making goals of how to change that no to a yes!  Once you have answered all these questions and everything is working in harmony... TAKE ACTION!  Get yourself a planner and make deadlines, goals and strategies to get your idea off the ground! 

Good luck!

-The Blonde Boss xo





3 Inspirational Quotes For Biz Owners to Live By

Inspirational quotes are all over social media these days so which ones resonate with you and your life?  When I see a quote that really makes me say, "oh my god, I needed that," then I know I found something great, something I can take with me for daily inspiration!

I gathered 3 quotes that I wanted to share with you and if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you will definitely appreciate these: 







Write these down, post them on your desk, in your car, make them your background pic on your phone, do whatever you want to make sure these quote stick! 

If you want a daily reminder of inspiration, sign up for Shine daily inspo texts!  I get them every day and they help me organize my thoughts and stay motivated!

Thanks for reading, I hope you're inspired to conquer the world today!


-The Blonde Boss xo

My First Experience with an Energy Healer!

"Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated." - Google


Sounds interesting right?  So, I was referred to my energy healer/psychic/hypnotist, Patricia Paul, through my mother and she spoke so highly of her work that I had to give it a try! I believe I am a pretty spiritual person, like I love anything astrology, gems and stones and learning about the alternate universe but I never thought I would meet with an energy healer to help with things going on in my personal life!  I always thought going to someone like a healer or a psychic was for someone who had loved ones that have crossed over or if they had some major trauma or turmoil in their life and they need guidance - but that's just not true! 


So, I am going to walk you through my first experience and some things I have learned along the way! 

I met Patricia at her lovely house in Manchester and she brought me into this dim lit, zen den that was decorated with gorgeous stones and a massage table in the center of the room.  She first walked me through her experience and why she does what she does.  She originally worked in family services and after several years, she decided she wanted to help people heal their emotional wounds through reiki and energy healing.  She then walked me through what we were going to do that day and all of the different services she offered.  She asked me about my goals going into this and what I think I need to work on.  She then started talking about chakras and showed me this chart to explain what each meant:  


The one thing that totally surprised me and sort of freaked me out was, I never met Patricia before and she already knew why I was coming in to work with her.  She said, "I already sensed from the beginning that you are coming in because you need help with self love. And your throat chakra is what we need to focus on today because you tend to swallow your emotions."  So, that just amazed me right off the bat! 

She then laid me on the massage table and underneath the table she laid 7-8 stones of all different shapes and colors that each represented different things.  One of the stones represented self love (of course).  Once I laid down, she hovered her hands over each chakra for a moment of time or until she sensed it was okay to move on to the next.  She does this to help break up any bad energy or negativity going on in each, some have more than others.  I was warned that I might feel some sensations even though she wouldn't actually be touching me, like a burst of energy, tingling or just energy leaving the body.  I started feeling energy leaving my body through my palms as she passed through my throat and and heart chakra - it was crazy! I was feeling so relaxed and centered that towards the root chakra I had fallen asleep on her table!!  

 Kunzite, stone of self love  

Kunzite, stone of self love  

I left this appointment feeling a bit lighter, aware and curious to see what the next session would bring me.  My next appointment is booked for the end of the month so hopefully I will be able to disperse more bad energy while honing into my emotions.  Now, I know there might be some skeptics out there but honestly, this service has changed a lot of people's lives in a positive way (testimonials here) so being educated about it might allow you to understand it better.  

If you are interested in a session with Patricia, head to her website, https://energyhealernh.com/  !  


-The Blonde Boss xo