My Big Move to California!


I know right?? I'm nuts. 

It is officially, official - I am moving to San Diego, California in September!  If you know this already, I apologize for my constant ranting and raving but I am just so excited.  I have made it known to all my clients and my part-time job so I can now finally say it out loud!

Since I was in high school, I have wanted to live in California.  I knew I was meant to live there and when I visited San Diego for the first time in 2016, it couldn't feel more like home to me.  I had a few PR agencies that I have always dreamt of working for - now I have the opportunity to apply to them!

So, what are my plans with life, with BBM, with everything? 


Blonde Boss will continue to help current clients remotely but I will be taking on a full time position at a PR  and marketing firm to continue learning and growing!  Although this will be a major change, I am ready to step into something totally new and get back into what I went to school for. 

My Goals for Moving Out West:

1) Refresh and expand my skills in public relations and social media marketing

2) Get involved with new interests groups to meet people

3) Be more present in my every day life

4) Get involved in a charity of some sort and/or volunteer

5) Continue building my current client's pages even from across the country

On September 24th, I will be driving across country with my love, exploring the pit stops along the way! I am so grateful for this opportunity to finally move to my favorite city and I am excited to see where this journey takes me. 


As of now, BBM isn't taking on new clients but looking for project based opportunities to continue learning and helping businesses in NH!  Thank you to everyone who supports BBM and I look forward to sharing a whole new perspective to you all!

-The Blonde Boss xo


How To Start Your Business Blog

If you are a new business you need to pull out all the stops when trying to market to your audience!  And YES, that does include blogging!  To some, blogging seems like a online diary for stay at home moms or fashion gurus but it can really help your customers understand your brand on a deeper level. 


Once you have a good grasp on what you want your business to stand for and look like, then you can develop your blog site with those factors in mind!

Now that I semi convinced you to start a business blog, you need to consider a couple things:

1) What blog platform will you use

2) What will be your theme

3) What will be your voice

4) How often will you post

5) How will you link it back to your pages to get more traction

After you determine those things, you might need a little help getting started with content, I got you babe with these 10 topics! 

1) Introduce yourself / Intro blog post

2) Answer questions customers may have

3) Give tips and advice

4) React to industry news and major events in your field

5) Mix in some personal posts

6) Motivate your audience

7) Explain your services / product in depth

8) Staff or CEO bio/highlight

9) Company event recap

10)  Post a video

Once you write your first post, you have to let your audience know!  Make sure you create a graphic using a graphic design site, like Canva (see my last post to learn more)  and post it on all your social media channels. Also, make sure you add key words and outside links to help your post gain more traction online!  Lastly, make sure you use different header sizes and photos to make your posts stand out!


Now, I want to hear from you! Comment your business blog website and if you don't have one yet, comment your favorite biz blog that you follow!

Thanks for reading!

-The Blonde Boss Media

How to Use Canva to Make Your Social Media Stand Out

Social media manager doesn't always translate to graphic designer but I like to see myself as a multi-faceted professional who is always down for a challenge.


No, I am no ar-tiste (cue horrible french accent) but I have found a great newbie website that allows you to create awesome content without being an expert with Photoshop. If you follow the BBM social media pages, I always use Canva to create fab images for my blog posts (duh), deals/giveaways or just to add something new to my feeds!

So, what is Canva? Canva is a FREE graphic design tool where you can drag and drop photos, themes, icons and texts to create everything from social media graphics to business cards, flyers, resumes and more!


Yeah, it's pretty awesome. 

How can you make your social media pages stand out with this awesome tool?

1) Use free stock photos from Unsplash, etc. 

2) Use colors that align with your brand in your images and text

3) Use the rule of symmetry

4) Don't use too much text

5) Add your brand stamp (logo, slogan) to claim your work

6) Make it sharable

7) Don't overcrowd photos or make it too busy

8) Tell a story with your images

9) Take advantage of Canva's FREE themes, shapes, icons and illustrations

10) Have a call-to-action on the actual photo so they get the info upfront

Now, here is my challenge to you:

Head to / make an account / open your first blank document / play around with the themes and fonts / find some photos on / create a masterpiece !!

Good luck, friends!

-The Blonde Boss xo